"Nice Game Pretty Boy!"

Friday, April 21, 2006

"Nice Game, Pretty Boy!" (Welcome to Bookie's Place)

Okay, I only started this blog because Blogspot.com made me sign in to post on Danny's blog. Still, there is a chance I might take advantage of this space and actually post some of my clever wordly insights. The name combines two of my greatest passions, Seinfeld reruns and the NY Mets. I also have some actual "real world" interests, which I may or may not write about, but at the moment, this is on my mind, so I thought the picture above would be an appropriate beginning. Looking at it, the picture actually looks pretty photoshopped, but that is in fact Mex and me at Smith & Wollensky in 2004. My boss won a lunch with Keith at a charity event and took me along. Keith was very nice, spent about 2-1/2 hours with us, and though he obviously had better things to do, his demeanor didn't reveal it. Anyway, in addition to the thrill of running Seinfeld quotes with him ("A crucial Hernandez error opened the door to a 4-run 8th inning." "Our day was ruined!"), we also discussed things to do in and around Sag Harbor, New York, where Keith had recently purchased a summer home (this was before SNY shrewdly hired him away to do Mets telecasts). Anyway, I recomended the Dock House (unfortunately, no URL), a small clam shack on the wharf. I didn't think anything of it afterward, but later that summer, when I stopped in, I innocently inquired as to whether Keith Hernandez had ever been by. The owner replied, "Yeah, actually. He said some guy from the City told him about us. I wondered, 'who the hell in the City knows about us?'" Evidently, Keith took a little something more away from our encoutner than the usual man-crush discomfort experienced by celebrities I get to meet. Anyway, that's my Mex story. A post-script: Later that summer, in Chicago at the Sheffield Garden Walk, I ran into Keith's daughter (a friend of hers brought her over to me when he recognized my Mets t-shirt). Yes, 2004 was the Summer of Mex.


  • Ha, great story. You look terrified in that picture.

    I met Mex once, maybe 1997 or so. I had once passed him on East 55th Street, near PJ Clarke's (which was diagonally across the street from my old apartment), and I foolishly said nothing to him. I always regretted it, because he was my favorite Met back in the day. So, maybe 6 months or so later, I saw him walking down 2nd Ave around 69th Street at like 1 in the morning, arm in arm with a woman. Not wanting to let this moment slip away like the other one, I sidled up to him, offered my hand, told him I was a big fan, and went on my merry way.

    I can also tell you about the time I passed Uma Thurman on 57th Street when I was in law school, but all I did was stand there and stare at her as she walked away.

    By Blogger Toasty Joe, at 5:57 PM  

  • Looks like Keith wants to give you the reacharound. FYI, Mex does 2 hour appearances for about $5000-7500.

    By Blogger The Schwizz, at 7:34 AM  

  • oh, yeah, and if you ever would like to book him for a corporate event, I can secure him for you :)

    By Blogger The Schwizz, at 7:35 AM  

  • With his most recent comments about women in the dugout, Mex has officially entered the Pantheon. To boot, when he "apologized" on air, he quickly followed up with a citation to the Baseball Rulebook, which purportedly supported his argument that this particular woman, as opposed to women generally, should not have been allowed in the dugout. Either way, kudos to political incorrectness.

    By Blogger Count Choculitis, at 4:22 PM  

  • This is a test of my new icon.

    By Blogger BookieD, at 4:31 PM  

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